a Domain Specific Language enriching the Python syntax with additional semantic for Parallel computing. It can be used to generate (parallel) low-level code (Fortran) or to accelerate a Python code. Parallelism is exposed in a pythonic way using OpenMP, MPI and OpenACC, allowing the user to focus on designing efficient algorithms without dealing with technical implementation details.


a library for solving Partial Differential Equations using Splines. Parallelism is based on MPI. It can be used together with Pyccel, Numba or Pythran.


A Symbolic Python library for Formal Variational problems and Partial Differential Equations.


a library for automatic computation of the GLT symbols for Splines discretizations.


A Python-Fortran library for constructing flux-aligned and equidistributed mesh grids for Tokamaks. This code has been developped during the Eocoe I project.


A Python library using Pyccel that implements a typed Lambda Calculus and allows for automatic parallel and efficient code generation for given patterns (Map, Map-Reduce, etc) using OpenMP. Loop tiling, OpenAcc and vectorization will also provided in the future.